Current NC Medical Board Openings

The application process for 2022 is NOW CLOSED.  The application process for Medical Board seats opening in 2023 will begin in February 2023 and will be announced by the North Carolina Medical Board.    Please check back to this website at that time for application details.


An applicant shall meet each of the following criteria:

(1)   Hold an active, non-limited license to practice medicine in North Carolina for the past five consecutive years immediately preceding the appointment.

(2)    Have an active clinical or teaching practice. For purposes of this subdivision, the term "active" means patient care, or instruction of students in an accredited medical school or residency, or clinical research program, for 20 hours or more per week.

(3)   Have actively practiced in this State for at least five consecutive years immediately preceding the appointment.

(4)   Intend to remain in active practice in this State for the duration of the term on the Board.

(5)   Submit at least three signed letters of recommendation, either from individuals or from professional or other societies or organizations.  Letters of recommendation from sitting members of the NCMB are discouraged.

(6)   Have no public disciplinary history with the Board or any other licensing board in this State or another state over the past 10 years before applying for appointment to the Board.

(7)   Have no history of felony convictions of any kind.

(8)   Have no misdemeanor convictions related to the practice of medicine.

(9)   Indicate, in a manner prescribed by the Review Panel, that the applicant: (i) understands that the primary purpose of the Board is to protect the public; (ii) is willing to take appropriate disciplinary action against his or her peers for misconduct or violations of the standards of care or practice of medicine; and (iii) is aware of the time commitment needed to be a constructive member of the Board.

Please review the letter explaining Board service.

Candidates who are selected to serve on the North Carolina Medical Board will be required to uphold and abide by the NCMB Code of Conduct.

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